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Treasure Chest Safe

This amazing treasure chest is easy to built with over 600 pieces. The coolest part about this chest is that you can take of the top and inside, you can put whatever you want into it; money, sports cards, pens, toys etc.. To display the top can stay open with the pole or it can be closed. The chest comes with:
7 Lego frogs
2 mini figurines
1 crab
1 mini chest
Over 600 pieces

The goal
I tried my best to make a set that is fun and aesthetic. This is a set that you can be creative with, by creating a story line on how the pirates found such a huge chest and what there going to do with is and one of my favorite things to do with sets is build on them and create story’s. So I hope if this becomes a set kids will be creative with it and make there own story’s.

I hope you love this set as much as I do!

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