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2D2 5100 (PO-Midi) SNCF

About this idea:
This is the French National Railways 2D2 5100.
This locomotive was operated in France in the 1950s. It was particularly used on routes connecting Paris to the southwestern region. The 2D2 5100 was widely recognized as the flagship of the French National Railways during its era, drawing attention with its distinctive appearance and high performance.

Initially, it was named PO-Midi.
This stemmed from the merger of two major railway companies in southwestern France operated by the French National Railways (SNCF): the PO (Paris-Orléans) Railway and the Midi (Chemins de fer du Midi) Railway. As a result of this merger, the name PO-Midi was temporarily used.

Later on, SNCF unified the names of regional railway companies to establish a nationwide unified brand. Consequently, the name PO-Midi was discontinued, and vehicles such as the 2D2 5100 were operated as part of the integrated organization under the SNCF umbrella. This name change occurred during the 1950s to 1960s, when SNCF was nationalized and regional railway companies were merged.

The slightly rounded front of the 2D2 5100 compared to other locomotives led to the nickname "Pregnant Woman," evoking the image of a pregnant belly. This nickname gained popularity among railway enthusiasts and the general public, making the 2D2 5100 known as the "Pregnant Woman."

Why I built this:
I was inspired to recreate this locomotive in LEGO due to its highly unique design.
As a Japanese individual, such distinctive designs are rare in Japan, especially the rounded shape of the front and the wheel arrangement, which are unparalleled outside of this locomotive series.

I hope to bring this beautifully designed locomotive into everyone's hands.

- 6-7 studs wide.
- Includes one locomotive driver figure.
- Can be electrified by replacing internal engine parts with a motor.
- Consists of 1204 pieces.

- Balanced strength and realism while keeping wheel details within 7 studs wide.
- Paid attention to the details of the front wheel cover.
- Strived for realism as much as possible while considering replacing internal engine parts with a motor.

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