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The Dark Crystal Castle: Age of Resistance (From Jim Henson and Netflix)


"The Emperor: If the Gelfling learn what we have done...

The Chamberlain: The Emperor must remember his own words. We are Lords of the Crystal, yes? Even if Rian talk, none will believe. They will shun him. Cast him out. How can they not? To believe him is not to believe themselves. Skeksis reign a thousand trine and will reign a thousand thousand more, until last star in sky goes dark. Gelfling will submit, head bowed, back bent as have always done. Gelfling want to be ruled. Gelfling need to be ruled. Because Gelfling are weak! Gelfling are small! And Skeksis are forever! We took the Crystal! Thra belongs to us, now! And is nothing... nothing Gelfling can do!

It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a fantasy series, probably since I read from a very young age LOTR. For that reason, for its vibrating soundtrack and for many others aspects, I highly recommend you to watch Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (From Jim Henson). Don't be fooled by appearances, despite being made with muppets, it is a series for people of all ages. Another added value is it’s environmentalist background symbolized as the Darkening. I would love a fun Lego set to make it known. So get ready for travelling through a magical land full of extraordinary creatures. Welcome to the Land of Thra, home to wicked Skeksis, friendly Gelflings and dirty but kind Podlings! You can rest assured: I will not spoiler the series. I will only tell you the least you need to know about the Crystal Castle to understand this idea.

The Castle of the Crystal, also known as the Crystal Palace, was the home of the Crystal and the seat of power of the Skeksis Empire and, later, the Gelfling Nation.
The Castle was built by the Urskeks at the start of Age of the Harmony on the site of a mountain enclave housing the Crystal, and was modeled on their own homeworld.It emitted a constant light which was felt by all of Thra, and its song was known even where it was inaudible. When Raunip discovered the true origin of the urSkeks, he riled the Gelfling to attack it and reclaim the Crystal, but was stopped by his mother, Aughra.

The Castle, modified in the Garthic style, during the stewardship of the Skeksis. After the Great Division, the Castle's crystalline structure stopped shining and took on a dark hue, being covered with a stone-like substance on the surface.The Skeksis took control of it and modified it in accordance with Garthic principles, presenting themselves as the successors to the urSkeks. After the proclamation of the Alliance of the Crystal, both Gelflings and Podlings were assumed as staff in the Castle, with the former serving as guards and the latter performing the vast majority of the domestic work, serving as cooks, servants, musicians, animal handlers and even massage therapists to the Skeksis.

Despite having decided on this building challenge I previously looked at this website so as not to repeat the idea. To my surprise there is only one similar idea of this fantastic saga and despite being very successful it does not include the Crystal Castle, the location where most events take place during Age of Resistance.

This idea has: modular design (each floor is removable), full interiors decorated (all floors with tiles, windows, different types of lamps and torches, furnitures, etc.), fully covered front and uncovered rear for better view and access to each room. It has an octagonal-structural pillar with technics bricks with every symbol of the Gelfling clans: Vapra, StoneWood, Drenchen, Sifa, Sprinton, Grottan and Dousan.

What I liked most about the final design of the castle is the ability to move the Crystal of Truth through each floor using the elevator, the connection of all rooms by means of different stairs, the complete cast of main characters as well as all the concrete details. By far this is my best minifigure scale build. I hope you like so because it has been a real challenge.

SIZE: 27 cm x 27 cm 
HEIGHT: 54 cm 
BRICKS: 2.818 (with the castle, all minifigure’s details and the Crystal of Truth)

River Level: Sanctary Tree (Sacred Tree of Thra), wild vegetation periphery, stones, suspension bridge to access the castle and a trail sign which indicates the castle entrance.
ROOM 1- Hall and Library of Thra with six unique books and access ladder to the second floor.
ROOM 2- Skektek Room with Side Towers. Here you can find Scientist’s essence-extractor invention, his creatures, potions… The minor side tower contains two treasure chests and in the major side tower you can see the rotating long-range spotting scope. There is also a second staircase that leads to the upper floor.
ROOM 3- Emperor Room (with its rotating throne and a wide balcony to enjoy the views of Thra) and Feast Hall where a table with a couple of chairs awaits for Skeksis banquets of essence.
- Roof and the main three towers. 
10 MINIFIGURES, with their names on tiles: all the main characters of the series made on a very successful scale (Skeksis > Gelfling > Podling) including: two Skeksis, the main Gelfling from each of the Seven Clans and Hup, the adorable podling with his scarf armed with his spoon and his comb.
-SkekSo, The Emperor with his magic scepter containing a fragment of the Crystal
-SkekTek, The Scientist with his green lovely pet, the Sidetic
-Rian, the brave Stonewood warrior with his famous sword Dual Glaive and a vial with essence containing her friend Jen.
-Brea, the wise Vapra princess
-Deet, the merciful Grottan caretaker of creatures
-Gurjin, the loyal Drenchen warrior and Rian’s best friend.
-Kylan, the Sprinton singer-songwriter
-Onica, the Sifa fortune-teller
-Rek’yr, the Dousan leader, Crystal-Skimmer rider.
Animals/ Creatures: two frogs, a pidgeon, a parrot and Sidetic: SkekTek’s Pet.
(I would also add other characters such as: Mother Augrha: the embodiment of Thra, acting as the world's eyes and voice; SkekSil-the tricky Chamberlain, Gruenaks and the mystic Urva, but I will leave it to your vote and the opinion of the experts). Other complementary constructions could be interesting such as: Landstriders, Nurlocs, Crystal Skimmer and even Lore, the Golem. What do you think?

If I can get you to like it enough, it could be an excellent Lego set after review and expert touch, of course. In addition to the dependencies of the castle in which you can represent the most epic scenes, the set contains: Thra's Sanctuary Tree and the river/lake surrounding the castle (where can you observe the darkening beginning) plus many other details. I hope you enjoy it but especially I would like you to be excited to build it as much as it has excited me. Despite the large number of bricks required, the result is worth it. This is a set for: families with young children, ALFs, Netflix fans, fantasy fans, etc. Its wide variety of bricks allows from alternative constructions to even improve fan collections

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance its a masterpiece, in my opinion. Gelflings can “dreamfasting” in order to share memories. In a dreamfast, memories are communicated to each other in a sort of stream of consciousness, a telepathic memory montage. That extra ability to empathize with others by making them feel exactly like you is a power that LEGO engineers also have so use it wisely.

Comment and contribute improvements without fear and let's build together the best version of the Crystal Castle. Because although some, like the Skeksis, despise us, say that we are weak and small, together we are great and strong, capable of achieving the impossible. Together we fight for a better world.Open your heart and you will hear the song of Thra.

Greetings from MANU-ICU NURSE- to all of you. Have a playful day and a nice night!

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