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NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower


Project lift off & Launch Umbilical Tower V 3

Hello everyone :-)

The magic moment has arrived, we all, you and us, quickly reach the 10 000 supporters.
A big thank you, especially to all the people who have been positively involved in this collaborative project, either by commenting positively on this project and by submitting ideas to improve this design, which has become at the end the version "Prestige", and also to people who had participating in the promotion of this design which is the most important part in a project at Lego Ideas :-)

A special dedicate for:
Emmanuel & Ashley Urquieta, Felix Stiessen, Gabriele Zannotti, Circe Verba, Michael Klein, James Gaulton, NASA’s friends, and the wonderful and supportive French Facebook Group: (LEGO - AFOL) I love LEGO so I share my passion with you ...

Unfortunately, and we apologize to all the people we forgot to quote, then, a huge thank you to them, they will recognize each other! ;-)


As this page will soon be inactive, I suggest you to follow us on this Facebook page: "Lego Ideas: NASA Apollo Saturn V & Launch Umbilical Tower", dedicated to the Saturn-V rocket and to the launch tower where updates and news will be regularly published :-)

You and we now have to wait about four months to know the future of this design, let's cross the fingers so that The Lego Group also chooses this design ;-)


Emmanuel and Valérie




Emmanuel Urquieta and Valérie Roche, present you the new design of NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower version 3: the "Prestige" model, built out of 2999 Lego bricks :-)

Here is a picture of the whole set, other detailed images will follow very quickly (the renders take a long time to finish!) So that you discover all the innovations of the Prestige model, you have the possibility to see these images in HD format right here.

The many changes in detail:

- 1 We completely redesigned the top floor of the tower, and modified the mechanical part to be able to rotate the gateways in their new positions.
- 2 We displaced to the right, the axes of gateways, and I redesigned all gateways with more length, more accurate aesthetics and adaptation of their anchor points. (Like in real life!)
- 3 We have changed on all floors, all the diagonal structures by simplifying them, refining them to lighten the aesthetics of the tower, with a gain of 366 bricks!

This gave the possibility to add all the existing details on the Deluxe model:
- 4 Fences for all floors
- 5 Service cabinets on each floor
- 6 On level 0: cabinets, white technical room with black shutters (movable).

New additions:
- 7 A lateral extension of the last gateway (the one with the white box, allowing the astronauts to enter the capsule).
- 8 NASA characters (movable)
- 9 Two generators, yellow (movable)

Have it fun ;-)

Emmanuel & Valérie


3 Stands & Display Building Instructions for 21309 Satun-V rocket

+ 9000 supporters, thanks to all of you :-)

According to an original idea of RbcHacker, we are able to present you now the 3 stands which will allow you to support your Saturn-V rocket in vertical position, with the 3 separate stages and also a panel to display the characteristics of the rocket. Here is the link for viewing the 3 stands with rocket stages build in real life :-)





You can get the sticker here or make your own sticker for a personalized display.
We present 4 different models, built with bricks available at the Lego Stores or at Bricklink, you have more than to choose the building instructions, the LDD files and the brick lists corresponding to your choice and to download them for free ;-)

There are still more than 1000 supports to get, without your help, we will certainly have a lot of time to get them, so we need the help of all of you to make this design known to as many people as possible and who would be willing to buy this creation, of course!
So talk about the “NASA Saturn-V Launch umbilical Tower”  Lego Ideas project around you and in your social media networks, thanks :-)


Hello Lego friends :-)

Emmanuel and I thank you for all these votes already obtained :-)

Here are what we have planned for the end of August:

- 1 According to an original idea by RbcHacker, the creation of two new stands for the Saturn-v rocket, one for the second stage and one for the third stage in a vertical position ;-)
- 2 If possible, use the same bricks as the current launch tower to create two other models for the Space Shuttle and the SLS rocket on the 3 in 1 concept. The first problem will be the color of the bricks, maybe that I should make a compromise, to study ;-)
- 3 The creation of a package containing the missing accessories from the Deluxe model to add on the Basic model!
- 4 And here is the direct link: to freely download the building guide, the LDD file, decals sheet and the bricks list for the Saturn-V rocket, launch tower and crawler at scale 1/600 version  2 :-)

I would like to inform you that it is not allowed at Lego Ideas to include in a comment a link leading to another project, it would be sad if you'll have any problems in helping designers to get votes :-(   Here is the article about that:   Keep your comments on-topic, and focused on the project itself.

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Have it fun!


Valérie Roche


Re Thanks ;-)

Hello everyone :-)

Emmanuel and I wish to thank you for all these many supports, soon two thirds of reached, it is wonderful :-)

We apologize for not being able to share the 5000 fans with you, but we followed this and, according to an original idea from Mister David (Great thanks to him!), we created for this event a complement for The Saturn V rocket: Lunar Rover at scale 1/110 accompanied by the Moon Robot, only 13 bricks, available for purchase with a derisory cost, the building guide and the bricks list are available in free download here:

Do not hesitate to make known the existence of this project and to share it in all the possible media, it is the only way to reach the 10 000 votes ;-)


Bonjour à vous tous :-)

Emmanuel et moi nous souhaitons vous remercier pour tous ces nombreux supports, bientôt les deux tiers de atteint, c'est merveilleux :-)
Nous sommes désolés de ne pas avoir pu partager avec vous le passage des 5000 supporters, mais nous avons suivi cela et, d’après une idée originale de Mister David (Great thanks to him!), nous avons crée pour cet événement un complément pour la fusée Saturn V: le Lunar Rover à l'échelle 1/110 accompagné du Moon Robot, seulement 13 briques, disponibles à l'achat avec un cout dérisoire, le guide de construction et la liste des briques sont en téléchargement libre ici:

N'hésitez pas à faire connaitre autours de vous l'existence ce projet et de le partager  dans tous les media possibles, c'est le seul moyen pour qu'il atteigne les 10 000 votes ;-)



Thanks :-)

Hello to the fans and future supporters of this project.

First, we would like to hugely thank you for supporting this project so quickly. We wanted to take this first update to celebrate the1000 supports, at the rate you have supported this project, so we will celebrate the first 1500 supports, and now the 2000 supports! :-)

We have sought out how to thank you, and it seemed to us as a good idea to put online, instructions to build at a lower cost a solid and aesthetic support for the Saturn-V rocket.

We offer you, the building guide and the bricks list, in a free download file available here , of two different stand colors, including 80 to 87 Lego bricks available for sale at a low price as at Bricklink for exemple :-)

Obviously, you can easily understand that we can’t now give to you the instructions of the launch tower, whether it is the Deluxe or Basic model, insofar as we propose this model at Lego Ideas so that, this project may become an official Lego set (What would be the interest for Lego to sell a design where the instructions are available and, of course, Lego would not like to produce our design after that!)

Enjoy it, and you always share the stand photos built in real life in the comments as attached images :-)


You can also watch the stand with rocket on real life, in HD format here:

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