NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower

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    Thanks :-)


    Hello to the fans and future supporters of this project.

    First, we would like to hugely thank you for supporting this project so quickly. We wanted to take this first update to celebrate the1000 supports, at the rate you have supported this project, so we will celebrate the first 1500 supports, and now the 2000 supports! :-)

    We have sought out how to thank you, and it seemed to us as a good idea to put online, instructions to build at a lower cost a solid and aesthetic support for the Saturn-V rocket.

    We offer you, the building guide and the bricks list, in a free download file available here , of two different stand colors, including 80 to 87 Lego bricks available for sale at a low price as at Bricklink for exemple :-)

    Obviously, you can easily understand that we can’t now give to you the instructions of the launch tower, whether it is the Deluxe or Basic model, insofar as we propose this model at Lego Ideas so that, this project may become an official Lego set (What would be the interest for Lego to sell a design where the instructions are available and, of course, Lego would not like to produce our design after that!)

    Enjoy it, and you always share the stand photos built in real life in the comments as attached images :-)


    You can also watch the stand with rocket on real life, in HD format here: