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City Zoo Modular Exhibits



Following the strategy of modular buildings, now you can build a City Zoo with modular exhibits!

Exhibits will be complete with featured animals, a zoo keeper, proper care equipment, food, and of course several zoo patrons.  Play with this set from the perspective of the animal, zoo keeper, or visitors! Or create a fantastic display for your growing Lego city. 

As with a real zoo, each exhibit will have a unique look, but still maintain a cohesive feel with the whole park. Sidewalk tiles join to connect seamlessly from one exhibit to the next. Rearrange the exhibits as you like with technic pins on either side of each modular.

Elephant Exhibit

Always a favorite at the city zoo is the elephant exhibit. Featuring a very large elephant, a wide grass area to play, and waterfall with a pool for fresh spraying drinking water.   

The zookeeper has her own preparation area through a sliding door behind the waterfall façade. Complete with crates of food, a water hose, brushes and broom; you’ll be able to take good care of this pampered pachyderm.  

But don’t forget to clean up after the big guy… set includes a wheelbarrow, shovel, and plenty of brown studs. 

Make sure to take lots of pictures to remember this great day at the zoo.

Polar Bear Exhibit

This new exhibit features clear glass windows around the entire perimeter to view the polar bear wherever she wanders. With easy access in and out of the water and a round iceberg “floating” in the water, she’ll never get bored.  

There’s plenty to do when you’re taking care of a half-ton arctic bear.  The zookeeper has an office where she can monitor the animal at all times, while she does her work. A complete prep area features fresh fish, a washing station, a stainless steel prep table, and cleaning equipment.  The zookeeper has easy access up a short staircase and through the locked door.

Don't worry, the seagulls will help finish any leftovers.

Desert Savanna Exhibit

Ostriches, a camel, and a zebra, oh my!  With all your favorite savanna animals sharing one exhibit, this is sure to attract visitors.   This exhibit features an up-close experience with some of the more tame animals in the park.    

The zookeeper for this attraction has to manage three very different animals.  And if that wasn’t enough, grooming the natural terrain of this exhibit is part of his job as well.

You’d probably get in trouble at a normal zoo; but in a Lego zoo, you can ride all three of these animals!  They could even have a race. My money’s on the "racing stripes".

Treats and toys are a must for any zoo visit, so make sure to bring some cash.  


This set will complement the existing modular line, while creating new and exciting opportunities.  Think of all the different animals that would be made in a Lego City Zoo Modular line.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

If you support this idea, please encourage others to support as well!

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