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The RMS Giant Docked at Port

Imagine having a ticket for the world's largest cruise ship ~The RMS Giant~ The RMS Giant has a lot of amenities that modern day cruise ships have like pools, stores, trees, and much more.
The stores
There is a nice variety of stores on board. There is a painting store which sells paintings like butterflies, a toy car store which sells 1x2 little toy cars, and two restaurants which depending on you they can sell anything they want.
The sleeping cabins
A sleeping cabin on board the RMS Giant is a very simple room with a bed. The typical size for a sleeping cabin is 4x6. The beds in the cabins come in multiple colours like orange. Outside of the sleeping cabins there are balcony's. the balcony's are also a great spot for views
Walking space
As on any cruise ship room to walk is essential. So on board the RMS Giant you have the option to walk down Little tree avenue. Little tree avenue is the main path that goes through the boat. If you do not want to walk but still be outside and talk the front of the boat is the place to be. If you do not like the ocean then you can always be in the protected areas between the shops.
For entertainment on board the RMS Giant you can go to the pool. The pool is a nice little rectangle a the front of the boat perfect for a nice swim. For more entertainment you can always go walk on land once the boat has docked.
The Dock
The dock is a place where the RMS Giant docks. At the dock there are plenty of crates and a lot of barrels. There is also a road that has a canal running under it. That is why the road has gutters. On the other side of the road there are trees. The trees a tall and make the dock a little more green.
Why it was built
This set was built because I have always wanted to go on a cruise so I thought that maybe I should make a cruise ship the way I want!
I believe this would make a goo Lego set because it is easy to play with and was very fun to build so I want other people to enjoy building it too!
Important information
  • 830 pieces
  • The boat is detachable
  • 5 minifigures
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