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Parks and Recreation


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Pawnee - When your here, than your home.

Inspired by the U.S. mockumentary tv show, Parks and Recreation, this near-scale model features the Parks and Recreation office of Pawnee, Indiana, including:
  • Leslie Knope and Tom Haverford's office,
  • Ron Swanson's Office,
  • The conference room,
  • Additional desks

The build consists of 2,000+ pieces and includes many references to the show, including:
  • The broken coffee machine,
  • The Cones of Dunshire,
  • Treat Yo Self cupcakes,
  • A Sweetums Nutriyum bar,
  • DJ Roomba,
  • Duke Silver's saxophone and fedora,
  • Waffles,
  • A bottle of cologne on Tom's desk,
  • Bacon and eggs,
  • Ron's golden pistol and landmine,
  • The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness,
  • Sullivan's Steakhouse poster,
  • Li'l Sebastian (of course),
  • And more!

The set comes with ten Minifigures:
  • Chris Traeger
  • Andy Dwyer (in Burt Macklin attire)
  • Ben Wyatt
  • April Ludgate
  • Leslie Knope
  • Ann Perkins
  • Ron Swanson
  • Tom Haverford
  • Garry-Jerry-Larry-Terry Gurgich-Gengurch,
  • Donna Meagle

This model is by far my favorite MOC, and it includes custom decals. It was built on and edited using Canva.

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