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The Efteling

The Efteling is one of Europe's most popular theme parks! What began as a humble fairy tale forest has blossomed into a sprawling wonderland of imagination, boasting 62 attractions, all lovingly crafted by the same non-profit organization that first brought magic to life. Everywhere you go in the park you will find love and care that was put into making children believe they are exploring a magical place!

I tried to include nods to as many attractions as possible in this LEGO set! I was not able to make some of them at this small scale, but I'm still happy with the overall selection consisting of:

  • The Five Senses, renowned as the park's iconic entrance.
  • Pardoes, the park's mascot.
  • Langnek, the iconic long-necked character.
  • The Efteling Hotel, an architectural marvel seemingly suspended in the sky.
  • The Pagode, an observation tower offering panoramic views of the entire park.
  • Roc, the mythical bird that serves as the inspiration for a thrilling rollercoaster ride.
  • Baron 1898, a rollercoaster that plunges riders into the depths of a mine.
  • The Fata morgana buildings, housing a boat ride through the tales of Arabian Nights.
  • The Symbolica palace of fantasy,
  • The fearsome dragon from the Joris and the Draak rollercoaster.
  • A flying boat, evoking the exhilarating Flying Dutchman ride.
  • Sleeping Beauty's castle, the centerpiece of the original park.
  • A python, representing the Python rollercoaster.
  • The whimsical Fairytale Tree, adorned with its iconic nose.
  • One of the snails used as transportation in the country of Laaf.
  • The chatty parrot, ready to mimic any words spoken to it.
  • The original dragon, that will come to life if you touch his treasure.
  • The enchanted magic carpet of the Fakir, playfully commandeered by a frog prince
  • One of the enchanted indian water lilies.
  • A fairy from the dream flight, represented by a butterfly piece.
  • The emperor's golden nightingale.
  • A boat from the Piraña's rapid river ride.
  • And, of course, the magical mushrooms that play various songs—an iconic addition to the park where children often recline to enjoy the melodies.

This LEGO set is a celebration of Efteling's enduring magic, inviting fans to relive cherished memories of this amazing theme park while building a wonderful display piece!

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