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Hero Factory: Villain 3.0

This is Villain 3.0, also known as Death's Fingers, are the deadliest of the army. As fast and maneuverable as Villain 1.0, with half the strength of Villain 2.0, these guys are the second toughest enemy the Heroes have against them. And they have no problem showing it.

Villain 3.0 comes with a spear/sword, and a minigun. On their back, they wear a jet pack that sends them rocketing to great heights. The minigun fires two rounds at a time, one from each barrel, making 40 rounds per second. But what does this fire? Energized protons. One round can evaporate anyone it contacts. When firing from above, it seems like the skies are raining fire. But they are also great assassins, using their swords to kill off their targets quickly and quietly.

Unlike the other villains, each 3.0 is given a different personality and name. Despite looking the same, each of them has their own tactics, and their own preferences. The only way to tell them apart is their minigun. Each 3.0 is given the ability to carve the front of their minigun in the way they want. This particular decided to carve the front of his gun for two reasons: 1, it is the face of Von Nebula, one of Hero Factory's biggest threats. The other reason is what the mask is shaped as: the skull of the last biological humanoid in the galaxy, a symbol of death. As the minigun fires, the heat makes the inside glow a bright red. This 3.0, named Claw, took advantage of this by leaving two "eyes," so that it looks like the gun is staring at the victim. This, and his deadly, silent, and destructive tactics has made him the most intimidating and dangerous 3.0 in action.

One more villain coming up, the general of the army.

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