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Hanayori Miniko

MINIKO is the name of my favorite stuffed animal. She is a kappa which is one of Japanese traditional monsters. HANAYORI MINIKO means I prefer MINIKO than watching flowers in Japanese. In Japan, there is a proverb saying HANAYORI DANGO which means we prefer eating DANGO (Japanese Mochi snack) than watching cherry blossom (in Spring, Japanese people enjoy eating under cherry blossom tree as a traditional event). I utilized that proverb into my version. 

The reason why I built this LEGO is I wanted a LEGO combined with my favorite stuffed animal. Also, to introduce Japanese culture to people who love LEGO.

In this LEGO build, there are many elements related to Japanese culture. For example, MINIKO has Sansyoku-DANGO (3 color DANGO), there is a sushi plate and cherry blossom tree. So I recommend this build to people who want to know more about Japanese culture. 

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