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Rocket Mail


I admit it. In real life I want my lego to arrive fast and in style, i don't want to wait 2 months to get it, and lets face it, if a rocket mail service were to exist, i think everyone would use it. Its fast, quick and frankly who doesn't want to see their packages land like it was from the heavens?

Well just because we cant get it in real life (yet) , doesn't mean that the lego minifigs in your city must suffer the same fate! Introducing the lego rocket mail service, its not as fast as the speed of light (internet) but its faster than most delivery services. 

What Set includes:

  • A rocket mail rocket
  • A launch pad
  • A mail man operator
  • Mail envelope
  • A mail truck (for picking up your mail)
  • A mail box 
  • A trolley for moving stuff around

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