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Modular House

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This is the Modular House that goes with the other Modular Sets. There are 4 floors. The first floor contains a Dining Room, a Living Room, a Kitchen and extra room. The second floor consists of a hallway and 2 bedrooms. The 3rd fllor is the bathroom with 3 sinks, a bathtub, a shower, and a toilet, plus a staircase to the 4th floor. The 4th floor is the whole closet.

The living room has a TV, 2 sofas, and a 360 recliner. The dining room has a table fit for 6 people. The kitchen has a stove and an oven. The extra room can be made to what you like. BTW there is a mailbox outside.

The 2nd floor has the hallway with the 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms include dressers, TVs, instruments, and one has a computer.

The entrance to the 3rd floor is an archway. There is a bathtub, 3 sinks, a toilet, and a shower.

The 4th floor is the closet.

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