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Disaster Response HQ


Disaster Response HQ is inspired by my time working for the City of New York as a disaster responder during Hurricane Sandy and by Res-Q, my favorite theme while growing-up.

Each floor of the HQ includes functions that are essential to the disaster response process:

Floor 1 includes:

Operations Warehouse — Store food, medicine, and rescue equipment here for use after a natural disaster strikes.

Rapid Response Vehicle — Reach any part of Lego City quickly. Flooded streets and building rubble are not a problem!

Press Briefing Room — Keep everyone informed by updating the local and national media on the latest news. 

Floor 2 includes:

Watch Command — Maintain a 24/7 watchful eye over all parts of Lego City, including roads, key institutions, and coastal waters.

Planning Tabletop — Develop plans for any type of natural disaster with this scale model of Lego City.

Rescue Drone — Get a bird’s-eye view of a disaster scene with this multi-purpose imaging drone.

Floor 3 includes:

Emergency Operations Center — Collaborate with representatives from the hospitals, schools, and police and fire departments.

Communications Array — Stay in touch with responders in the field by using high-powered satellite-based communications.

The roof includes:

Asteroid Early-Warning System — Track potentially dangerous asteroids and even aliens in deep space...

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