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Dynamic Architecture


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What is Dynamic Architecture?

Dynamic or Adaptive Architecture is a revolutionary new form of building design for the 21st Century.

Unlike a traditional static structure, the entire form of the building can be ‘updated and optimised’ throughout the day to adapt to the surrounding environment; this is achieved through the use of some form of movable or ‘dynamic’ structure. The most recognisable example of dynamic architecture is Santiago Calatrava’s Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum; the wing-like ‘brise soleil’ can open and close throughout the day to create shading and reduce solar heat gain to the pavilion. Another revolutionary project is the Dynamic Tower concept where each level of the skyscraper can rotate separately along the vertical core. This allows the entire tower to continuously shape-shift to help reduce the effects of the sun and wind while also providing full 360° views to all its occupants. Dynamic Architecture helps to create an infinite amount of possibilities to make beautiful, organic and free flowing buildings which change a city’s skyline every minute.


Why this project?

The aim of the LEGO Dynamic Architecture project was not only to create a beautiful sculptural model but for it to be used as a new design tool for architects and engineers. 3D modelling can be very time consuming and it is usually difficult to get the idea from your head onto a computer screen. I wish to see both young budding designers as well as professional architects use the tower to help quickly sculpt new ideas and forms as they come to them, experimenting with light, shadows, wind forces and orientations.

By using the concept behind the Dynamic Tower, each level of the tower can be modified and freely rotated around a central axis, giving the user a physical and ‘hands-on’ connection with the design of the tower. For designers, this is a quick easy method of organic form-finding without using computer software. Make spirals and waves or just randomise each level to create a truly unique design.


What will be included in the LEGO set?

Subject to LEGO’s design review, the desired LEGO set will include the parts to create a tower with 16 all-white levels with additional bricks and plates to customise each level. Also included will be the bricks to create a base plate for the tower to rest on and also a cap piece to create a finished, clean tower. The total height of the tower comes in at 272mm (approx. 11 inches). Additional sets can be purchased to create taller towers or to further customise each level.

Thank you in advance for your support and I hope you have a Dynamic Architecture tower on your work desk in the near future.

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