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Complex One - Retro Train With Shops and Parking

Passengers will board the "Boxy Blue" commuter train at this station equipped with amenities. The train can hold up to 10 passengers and 2 engineers. The platform has an employee who scans tickets at boarding time, and the station connects to a garage below where 6 cars can park.
This set also includes two Lego City-friendly sports cars. There is a bike shop where bicycles can either be purchased or repaired by 2 mechanics, and a robot clerk provides assistance to staff and customers. The shop is also stocked with backpacks, helmets and skateboards. The included convenience store provides fresh produce and other goods. Cashiers have a lookout area from the store's private balcony.

This model was designed to pay homage to the early eighties, however, has been modernized as much as possible for current times. Another reason for this idea is to help collectors with too many cars for their road layouts. They can now store several of them inside this model's garage.

The set will be useful to those who would like to add another train stop to their collection that has a look of it's own. The shops were made in a way so collectors also have the option of using their parts for residential builds. Another useful attribute is the parking garage that was carefully designed to fit most Speed Champion car models.

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