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Main description

For this build I used 1554 pieces mostly painted warm gold. I am really happy with the final design and it only took me 3 days to build. This set comes with no minifigures and is meant to be a model. I used a lot of strange building techniques in Lego Digital Designer but I made sure that if it were ever built in person it would not be a fragile piece. 

History of the ship

The Tazar was built by the alien race 'The Fedesters' who were on the brink of destruction after a hundred year war with the human race. The floating city was built as a colonization ship and a last resort for the fedester. Its only purpose is to find a new home that is safe from the destructive humans. The ship was approximately 4 kilometers in diameter and could hold more than 20,000 fedesters. It was never heard from again when it mysteriously vanished right before the fedester home world was completely invaded by the human forces.





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