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Galaxy Express 999



This project is Galaxy express 999 remember edtion.

Design of  train based on c62 Train.
also 999 in animation based on this train.


I wanted to design without limits on the size of the train.

So, this train isn't compatible with 9v or 12v rail.


Size of tarins.

Main train(center of image) - 45 stud long, 11 stud length 13 stud height.
Tender train(Right of image) - 28 stud long, 11 stud length 11 stud height  
Coach train size - 56 stud long, 11 stud length 12 stud height

Train is black and brown color based, some parts need sticker
(yellow line for side of boiler, 999 logo, ..etc)

I saw the 999 animation childhood

So i want make train to use the bricks on my own design.

This specification is written on the 4x12 stud sized nameplate of the train.


I always wait for your comments and your advice.


Thanks to read this


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