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Mixels: Twinzy-Twinsy


Hey guys! LaserWeldo92 here with another product! This time it's the dynamic duo who appeared in the Mixels episode "Every Knight Has Its Day' on CN - Twinzy-twinsy! You may want know who is Twinzy and who is Twinsy?   Well, these Mixel pupils are almost impossible to tell from each other. He...well, they, are part of the Muncho cousins.  They wanted to be separated at birth, but the Muncho rule specifies: more eating, more fun! As a result, they now walk around town together...forever.  They will have a purple and lavender colored bag with their cartoon form at the top with name above them in lavender Burbank font. The background on the bag will have a picture of the Mixopolis zoo. 

You can mix him with Browza (coming soon) and combine him with Bitbyte (coming soon) and Coach Cruncha (coming soon) to create the mucho cousins MAX! 

That's all for now! Spread the word with your friends and family to make these guys a real Mixels product! Goodbye!

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