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Postmodern Staircase

My building is a high tower for soldiers or others, only constituted by a daring staircase: the structure is almost absorbed by the steps, meanwhile it is supported by a spiral column and by other staggered supports.
- In my childhood, I lost very often some peculiar pieces and then I had to replace them with standard bricks. My fantasy brought me to create very essential and simple structures - this staircase is made only of one type of rectangular bricks (4x2) - without forgetting the architectural inspiration: the thin spiral column that doesn't collapse; the inclined foundations that I used also to rebuild a model of the Eiffel Tower.
- I believe that my project may interest the LEGO designers because it is very simple for a child, moreover it is not too small nor too large. With this tower the children can learn to enjoy themselves with simple toys and they can purchase it even if they are only interested in the rectangular bricks: when they will be tired of the tower, the children can destroy it in order to use the bricks and pursue their fantasy.

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