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Aegis Combat Shuttle - Star Wars Rebel Dropship


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Here is the next installment in my series of unheard of Star Wars vehicles! The Rebel Aegis Dropship.

This is the Rebel Alliance's equivalent to the clone gunship. While they never got any screen time, I believe they have featured in some video games or books in the Star Wars canon. Never-the-less, its a fairly cool looking vehicle and makes for a great model in the Rebel Lego lineup!

The set is made of approximately 575 pieces, and has lots of features and details. Includes 6 troopers and 1 pilot. (the Ewok is just there for comic relief.)

-The Combat Drop Pod, as I'm calling it, separates from the rest of the vehicle to act as a protected command post for the troops on the battlefield. It has big folding sides and doors at each end, as well as weapons storage, holographic screens, and the ability to transport 6-8 troopers in and out of a hot drop zone. (I chose Endor uniforms, but any Rebel/Jedi minifigs could be substituted.)

- The ship itself has a cockpit with room for one pilot (I went with a green scheme), a detailed interior with a mechanical looking piece to represent the engine room, rotating twin laser cannons, and a pair of flick-fire missiles for close air support. The entire front folds down to allow access to the pilot.

Here is a link to some information on the ship in Star Wars:

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