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Garfield & The Monster Sandwich


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Garfield & The Monster Sandwich

Garfield, Jon, and Odie were having a nice picnic when suddenly a giant sandwich attacked! It was up to the superlative cat and the cute yet slobbery dog to stop it! Will they be able to defeat the sandwich before they themselves are gobbled up? 

Since first Jim Davis started the Garfield comic strip in 1978, the fat and lazy cat Garfield, his cartoonist owner Jon Arbuckle, and faithful doggie companion Odie have leaped into the hearts of many, through comic strips, TV shows, and movies. A cartoon icon like Garfield reaches across several generations and would make a great fit for LEGO! This set is a must-have for fans of Garfield young and old!


  • Garfield
  • Odie
  • Jon Arbuckle

What's in the Set:

  • Giant monster sandwich
  • Condiment-launching catapult
  • Grill with utensils and food
  • Jon's easel
  • Picnic blanket and various food items
  • Pooky, Garfield's favorite stuffed bear

The monster sandwich's mouth opens and closes, and has vegetable arms that can be twisted from side to side. The catapult can be used to launch the ketchup and mustard bottles or other food into the creature's mouth. The Jon and Garfield minifigures come with printing on front and back, with Jon having an alternate "afraid" face. Garfield is wearing a chef's hat. Odie's tongue piece can be removed and replaced with a grip brick for holding a bone or other food item. A custom mold for Odie would be ideal, but I believe this brick build works quite nicely for him. The various foods in this set include a plate of lasagna (what Garfield set would be complete without it?), a pizza, a burger, a BLT sandwich, a chicken leg, a banana, a pretzel, an apple, a fish, 2 sausages, ketchup, mustard, and a slice of cheese (a light snack for Garfield). Jon's easel has a cartoon drawing of a happy sandwich. This set contains 202 pieces so would probably be around $20 or £20.

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