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Animation Imagination Studio Apartment



As long as I could remember I love the design of apartments inside and outside. The type of apartment I love the most is studio apartments because of how they are built inside and out. One day I was think that who is creative and awesome enough then me to live in a studio apartment all on their own and it hit me, my sister. So I decided to build a Lego studio apartment and design it how my sister would design her own apartment in real life. When I showed my sister the build she loved, so because she loved so much I named the build after her own animation logo.


The studio apartment has two sides and a inside. The first sides shows the hallway of the apartment and the second side shows the actual outside of the apartment. The minifigure in the build is supposed to look like my sister. The inside of the apartment has things that a someone would have in there own apartment.


  • Frige 
  • TV
  • Drafting table 
  • Blender
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Food
  • Tiny batmobile
  • Family picture
  • Papers
  • Nerd stuff
  • Tiny garden
  • Laptop
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Wonder woman piggy bank
  • Book self 
  • Air conditioner

I hope you like it the build, if you do please support and share it so it can hit 10k and go on store selves.

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