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Cuphead - The Root Pack


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Cuphead - The Root Pack is a mini set I made for fans out there to enjoy Cuphead as a set. I believe this would be a really cool set because there are a lot of Cuphead sets on LEGO Ideas that never became a real set, and I'm not expecting this one to, but I wanted to make a cool set, so I chose Cuphead.

I chose the root pack because it's an iconic boss and I thought the idea of switching bosses would be pretty cool! I built it using Studio 2.0, and it is a really good software. I was running out of ideas how to make the characters when I saw the mug piece. Without that piece, I might not have made this set. I thank every single one of you guys that supported my set. It helps so much and makes me feel really good. That's my set for you. Enjoy!

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