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Lucy Goes To Narnia (Micro Scale)


Here is the Lucy goes to Narnia model that I built!  It includes the wardrobe (with a part of the spare room) and a section of Narnia with pine trees, bushes, and the lamppost!  There are also two brick-built micro figures of Lucy and of Mr. Tumnus.

The reason I built this model is because I like The Chronicles of Narnia, and I really wanted to build something from it.  I also wanted to build another micro scale model, and I wanted to have another model that I could submit as a product idea. 

This model would make a great Lego set because there are quite a few people out there who are fans of The Chronicles of Narnia.  This model would also make a nice and affordable Lego set because it isn't very big, and it would be great for play and display. 

Thanks for checking out my model and please support it!  Make sure to check out my other models too!

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