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Hill House Chair

Thank you for dropping by this page.

I’d like to introduce “Hill House Chair” as a product of new LEGO set that is called “Furniture”.
As you have already known, the original one was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I’m interested in his chairs, this one in particular. In fact, I went to Hill House, Glasgow in Scotland, so that I could immerse myself in his world being surrounded by his various beautiful creations. Since then I’ve been head over heels for his chairs. Recently, I’ve started to wonder what his chairs would be if they were made of LEGO.

I picked up this model because I simply like it a lot. I tried to describe its key features in bricks as much as I could, such as high back chair and latticework. And, I have finally finished building it. Apparently you can’t sit on this LEGO chair to feel what it is like though; hopefully, you might enjoy seeing it and imagine what it would be like as well.

I hope that this model interests you.
And, if you’re interested in this model, I’d like you to support this project.

Thank you.