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Steamtrains, BR 53-003


Hi Lego Friends

Would like to introduce the steam locomotive BR 53-003 with condensations tender (wheel set up 1-C-D)

History: In 1943 the design planning from the company Borsig was one of the most interested layout which was ordered by the german "Reichsbahn" at this time but such type of steam locomotive was never manufactured in the original.

Based on the documents (photos) which are available in the "Internet" have inspired me to build a steam locomotive BR53 with using original LEGO elements functionally.
The model (MOC) is electrically driven with two drive motors (LEGO RC train motor) located in the tender and one motor (LEGO M-motor) within the D-wheel set which are driven via gear set controlled with the LEGO Power Function System.
Led`s are installed in front and backside.
The dimension of the model is nearly in scale 1:40/45, the baseframe as well as the vessel is designed in the width of six (6) pins/nep, drivers cab and the tender is designed in the width of seven (7) pins/nep.

In advance I am of course grateful for your support, remain with the best regards

have a nice time - Bernhard

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