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The Red Couch

When I sat down to design my next project, I had a thought. What would one of the most comfy looking couches made of LEGO look like? I started making my way around and got to work.

Presenting The Red Couch. I chose red as the primary color for the couch because the red couch is a statement of design and reminds creatives like us to keep thinking and creating awesome projects!
Dark brown helps accentuate the wooden legs and trim. This project consists of 769 pieces.

Couches are awesome.

This would be a great set to build and display, It's big enough to hold my smartphone in place, it says hey relax, it also displays the fender guitar set and looks great! After it was complete I had more ideas for different looking furniture. At this scale, it's been pretty fun coming up with the look. I had at least five different variations and this one was the best looking and the most realistic.

Going in more of an 18+ direction, the red couch has vintage vibes and makes me think I need to relax every time I look at it!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my creation and would love to hear from my supporters comments and what kinds of other couches they'd like to see!

As always, Build on!


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