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Modular Space Station

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So... this is my first (as you can see from the pics) project for LEGO Cuusoo.

The idea is fairly simple - it's a Modular Space Station.

The idea is to have a dozen of fairly simple and small sets ~200 pieces that you could buy one at a time to create a space station of your dreams.

The pictures I provided are my very early idea for a "living quarters" part of the station. As you can see I'm no real good designer so it's basically all very simplistic.

Each set would come with one minifigure of a astronaut. The instruction manual would also have some real life information on how such systems work or are supposed to work on a real Space Station - This would probably be quite interesting for the kids.

I will be working a bit more on this idea and hopefully will bring some better designs + new sets ideas. So far suggested sets would be:

- Living Quarters
- Solar (Energy) Module
- Life Support Module
- Docking Bay
- Connection Module (this would allow to connect 4 modules from each side)


Added a 4 way connection module suggestion.

And another new add - The Solar panel module. Each of the panels are rotable!

I'll work on more modules in the coming days so keep on checking them out :)

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