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Stardew Valley Greenhouse

This is the Greenhouse from Stardew Valley, a popular farming video game. My design has 9 trees, many other plants, and some farm equipment. Along with this is a farmer that could be designed in the game, Mohawk and tea included. In the game you can plant all year long inside the greenhouse, so I included the likeness of different seasonal plants. The roof is removable and steady enough to be moved around to access the inside for play. The front wall fold forward to allow for even more access to the interior in case you would want to rearrange the garden or trees. Iridium sprinkler included so you do not have to hand water, unless you feel so inclined.
Games like these have captured the hearts and minds of many from all age groups, and growing up I loved being able to garden and help my grandfather around the farm. Playing Stardew valley made me nostalgic for that time. I figured that I would not be the only person to have fond memories of gardening or the game Stardew valley so why not make a set that captures multiple interest.
Different age brackets, different categories of interest, ease of access for play, and redesignability are some of the reasons I think that this would make a great LEGO set. Stardew valley has a large player base that would be a great target market. A set with intended redesignability helps to encourage creativity in sets builders. Since this is only one of the buildings on the farm, it also is a great IP to work with as it leaves room for the other buildings to be designed by the designers at LEGO.
Thank you for viewing and considering my project!

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