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Seperatist Ambush!!!! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!!!!!

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223 views and only 11 sups? LETS BRING THAT NUMBER UP!!!!!!!!!

I made the crab droid dark blue and white to show the "seperatsist colors". It is supposed to be "clonewars-y" like the clone wars MTT (compare it to the old MTT you'll see what I meant). It is very well sized, it's perfectly Minifig scale.

This "set" is supposed to come with several droids, several clone troopers and obi-wan kenobi. It is also supposed to take place in the third movie of the prequel saga, EPISODE III:REVENGE OF THE SITH, as well as clone wars tv episodes, I think. Please support this project!!!!!!!!

I am NOT copying ANYONE in ANY way. This was supposed to be a MOC on my youtube account but the vid failed, listen carefully... 3 MONTHS AGO!!! If you think I am copying you (because a LOT of people are making crab droids on cuusoo) Please tell me that in the comments.

BELOW is a list of projects made by "friends" of mine that are worth a look:

NanaBrown's project:

dimitriniko: be sure to check this and several other projects of his

Here is a pic comparing the droid to clones SUPPOSED to be in the set. The crab is wearing an antenna on its head, unlike in the main image. Tell me in the comments. Antenna or no antenna.
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