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The School Bus

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 This is a model of a school bus. It has a working front safety arm as well as a flip out stop sign on the side. The white roof is often included in hotter climates where roofs need to reflect the sun’s heat. The model includes a driver and a couple of students. There is even a floor hump inside over the back wheels. This school bus has ample room for additional minifigures to be added.

There are several reasons I built this school bus. First, I built this school bus at the request of some friends. We use it for some gaming. Second, as school began this fall, I saw school buses driving by from my home office window. This made me interested in creating a school bus out of LEGO bricks. And finally, a school bus is an iconic image that helps me reconnect with youth. I build this school bus at the request of friends and for sentimental reasons.

This school bus would make a fantastic LEGO set. It moves, action is a great feature of any toy. The model includes many details that can be used in play, including, mirrors, seats, lights and passengers. The bus has an inside. The roof removes to allow play to continue inside the bus. Details, movement and having an inside make this an imaginative addition to any LEGO city.

Hopefully this submission will bring back memories of your first school bus ride, and perhaps make you smile. I hope you enjoy the school bus model.