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Middle-Earth Minis


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Middle Earth is one of the most expansive, well-known worlds ever created by an author. This project honors J.R.R Tolkien and the beautiful world he created, as well as Peter Jackson, who brought Middle Earth to life. Not only is this a project which I would like to reach a large number of supports, this project is a movement. There are so many Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans who were disappointed when the LEGO series was discontinued. This project is a call to all fans who want the Lego series back in stores. We knew what LEGO could have added to the series, but they never did. Hopefully, this project and future projects I release will show the LEGO team what Lord of the Rings should have been. Please share and support this project if you love Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth as much as I do and want to see LEGO Lord of the Rings back on shelves!

Middle-Earth Minis is a series which contains many small, microscale versions of the iconic places in Middle Earth. Since LEGO chose not to produce many locations, hopefully these can cover for some of them. In future updates, I will hopefully be able to create exclusive minifigures that LEGO did not provide us with. Ideally, all of the locations would come in one set with a Middle Earth Map and you could put each microscale version on their according locations.

Here are the locations that are included in Series One.

Bag End was a luxurious tunnel on the north-side of Hobbiton built in to the top of The Hill by  Bungo Baggins as a wedding gift to his bride Belladonna Took. Only rooms on the west had windows, which opened out like portholes onto a grassy slope and distant meadows beyond. Bilbo lived in this house and Frodo grew up in it. The location is a key starter to both of their adventures.

Isengard (Orthanc) 

Orthanc is the black tower of Isengard. Orthanc was built during the end of the Second Age by men of Gondor. No known weapon could harm it.  Orthanc rose up to more than 500 feet above the plain of Isengard, and ended in four sharp peaks. Its only entrance was at the top of a high stair. Orthanc housed one of the palantíri of the South Kingdom, and was guarded by a special warden. When Beren, Steward of Gondor, gave Isengard to the Wizard Saruman, he also gave him the keys of Orthanc. Saruman made it his base of operations during his search for the One Ring and later his attack on Rohan during the War of the Ring. The lush green that surrounded the tower was turned into wasteland and industry.

Argonath- A monument comprising two enormous pillars carved in the likenesses of Isildur and Anárion, standing upon either side of the River Anduin. The figures were originally constructed at the order of King Rómendacil II to mark the northern border of Gondor. The Fellowship passed through this landmark on their way down the River Anduin from Lorien. Also known as the Gate of Kings or the Pillars of the Kings.


The capital of Rohan is the hill fort of Edoras which is located on a hill in a valley of the White Mountains. the Golden Hall of the King of Rohan, is located there. The city of Edoras was built by Rohan's second KingBrego son of Eorl the Young. The city is protected only by a high wall of timber, and a one-way road allows access to the city. Just before the gates, two rows of mounds line the road, which are the graves of the former Kings of Rohan. The Golden Hall serves as a house for the King and his kin, a meeting hall for the King and his advisors, and a gathering hall.

Helms Deep was a large valley in the north-western Ered Nimrais (White Mountains). Helms Deep was used a refuge many times by the people of Rohan. It was never breached until Saruman ordered a force of 10,000 uruk-hai to attack it. This is where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli defended with the soldiers of Rohan against Saruman's forces.

Minas Tirith became the heavily fortified capital of Gondor in the second half of the Third Age. It was originally built to guard the former capital, Osgiliath, from attack from the west, but became the capital when Osgiliath fell into ruin. The city was made out of white stone and is considered the most beautiful fortresses ever to be built by men.

These are all of the locations I have so far, and I have more coming along. Please support and spread the word. Each vote will bring us closer to bringing back Middle Earth in LEGO!!!

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