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Phil Collins Drum Kit

The famous Phil Collins drum kit comes to LEGO!
I'm a big fan of Phil Collins, so I've decided to recreate his Gretsch USA Custom drum kit that he used to play his famous drum fill from In The Air Tonight!

The kit can be used to film stop motion films like I did or just be put on display!

The kit consists of a bass drum + a bass drum pedal, a snare drum, 4 concert toms and 2 floor toms. All the drums come with the hardware needed (concert tom stands, a snare drum stand, etc.). Also included are 3 crash cymbals, 1 ride cymbal, 1 china cymbal and a set of Hi Hats with their own stand and a pedal. The kit also comes with a drum throne/seat. All the drum and cymbal hardware are a chrome silver colour. 

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