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Recon Scout Ship v2

Update: New blue/grey color theme for the white ship and new windscreen shield and improvements for the black one. What do you think?

This ship is the result of an industrial collaboration between Hishimitsu Heavy Industrial and Roussel Technologies.
It's been inspired by some works of Alexandru Popescu and James Clyne.

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Hishimitsu Heavy Industrial and Roussel Technologies have joined forces to produce a new version of their vehicles to respond customers inquiries and also to new exoworlds demand.

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White ship: 6
Black ship: 5

The windscreen can be replaced with a redish one depending on the sun light of the planet it is exploring.
The set would also come with a light weight last generation speeder

Showcase showing Recon Scout ships models and their respective speeder bikes.
So these could come as 2 different complementary sets.

Shot from the back showing ship propulsion and the foot/propulsor set in flight mode. Windscreen rotates from the font to open and access to cockpit. Cockpit interior also can rotate to stay horizontal depending of the position of the ship. Another thumbnail of the speeder to shot it from different angle.

Ships landed , standing on their retractable landing foot.

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Last update: 2012-09-18

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