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Omega Symbol Coin

A Lego coin with the omega symbol on it would be a small and intricately designed piece. The coin would be round and relatively flat, with a diameter of about one inch. It would be made of high-quality, durable plastic and have a smooth, polished finish.
The omega symbol would be prominently displayed in the center of the coin. The symbol would be raised slightly above the surface of the coin, giving it a three-dimensional effect. The omega symbol, which is shaped like an upside-down horseshoe, represents the end or finality of something.
Around the edge of the coin would be a series of small ridges or bumps, which would help to provide texture and make the coin easier to grip. The ridges would also give the coin a distinctive look and feel, setting it apart from other Lego pieces.
Overall, a Lego coin with the omega symbol on it would be a unique and interesting addition to any Lego collection. Its small size and intricate design would make it a fun and challenging piece to work with, and its symbolic meaning would give it added significance and value.

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