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Kitchen CookWare Store


Hello Lego Ideas Team and people who like to build and play with Lego. This Is Treetop 2017! I am excited to share my new idea with everyone. This idea is called "Kitchen Cookware Store, it has   a red, white and blue flag, a flagpole, two holders, a pole, 5 red stop signs, a triangle sign and holder for speed, a do not enter sign, a E for Employee parking on the side of the store, white lines, three yellow curb, 4 maroon curb in the E Lot, two help buttons, two mini sticks on the gate openers,  a yellow sign with a Silver Frypan, a Red+, a Silver Cooking Pot, I had to use the Frypan and Pot as logo's for the store sign because the sign i created did not have enough space to write Kitchen CookWare Store  and 7 big parts all in one idea.

I will list the seven parts of this great new idea of mine and then I will give you all more detailed information about each part and why i built this great idea. The first part of the idea is 6 long plain black road, 8 skinny black road pieces, a Store,  and two gate openers.

At the Kitchen Cookware Store all out frypans and cooking pots are proudly made in the U.S.A! So come on down and get those kitchen tools for your home or camp today!.

The Kitchen Cookware Store has inside  a four white shelves, a silver fry pan, a yellow frypan, a silver cooking pot,  a black cooking pot, skinny brown desk, a gray countertop, a white cupoard with red cash draws, a computer with white keyboard, a credit card machine, a scanner with a plain black Computer, a gift card machine, a green receipt printer, a white telephone holder with white telephone, a walkie talkie, a money safe hooked onto the desk and it opens, a security camera on the pots and pans,  on the other side of the desk you have a time clock with time on it and that is hooked up with a employee slide card station, a employee card is on the slide, you have one stockroom and friendly cashier associate with red baseball cap, one friendly security officer with hat a employee card and walkie talkie.

On the outside of the Kitchen CookWare Store you have a employee entrance door  and door frame with side walk and security camera,  a green roof, two front doors and door frames, a blue round sign,  two gate openers, a security motorcycle with yellow light and blue lights on the mirrors and sides, a employee motorcycle, a security motorcycle gold helmet with visor and green employee helmet with blue visor.

To keep this idea in a reasonable price range i did not add any money, credit cards, checkbooks, or any extra customers or vechile other then the motorcycles. I did this so that it would be fun for you to add your own Lego parts to this idea of mine!.

I built this set today while it was raining, we got a lot of rain where i live and i am glad to finally get it.

It has been too dry up here, Lego does not make a idea like this yet, i had fun building this idea of mine, it is suitable for all ages and for everyone, it would go great with other sets or houses that Lego makes in today's market. I hope you will vote for this set and to tell your friends and family members that you voted on Kitchen Cookware Store  and Thanks. If you have any suggestions or questions on this set please leave a comment on the comment page and i will answer them! Thanks and Have a Great Day! Your Builder and Lego Fan Treetop 2017!

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