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Light-Up Torch


This was a quick build. It is a torch that has a light brick that turns on when the two sections are put together. It only took me about an hour and a half to build, but I thought it was Lego Ideas worthy. I thought it was like a torch you'd see mounted on the wall in line for The Dragon ride at Legoland.The hardest part was allowing the light brick button to be pressed when the two parts were connected. The technic rod had to be a certain length for the parts to connect, but the rod wasn't long enough to push the button on the light brick. The rod would go into the little hole in the light brick button and not push the button. I fixed this by offsetting the rod so it would hit the side of the button and not go into the hole. Sorry if that's confusing. It might be easier to understand if you watch the video. Thanks for your support!


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