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Cadillac Fleetwood 1955 Owned by Elvis Presley

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Many people used to dream of driving a chrome-plated Cadillac. Young rock 'n' roll star Elvis Presley bought a blue caddy and had it painted pink for his mother Gladys. Unfortunately, she didn't have a driver's license, so Elvis and his band used the car to drive to their concerts.

About the lego rebuild:
Nothing is more classic than Elvis Presley's Cadillac Fleetwood, unfortunately this vehicle was not available as a Lego set, which is why I decided to build a Cadillac Fleetwood. The vehicle is designed down to the smallest detail. It has a V8 with 273 hp and a top speed of 137 km / h. The Cadillac Fleetwood has an interior that is colored beige, it also has a black carpet and a white roof. The car consists of 1131 pieces.

40.4 x 15 x 12.8 in Studs

Shortlist of functions and details:
  1. Opening doors
  2. Working Trunk and Hood
  3. Adjustable seat back
  4. V8 with a aid cooler system
  5. Functioning interior lighting
  6. Grab handles on the roof frame
  7. Functioning crumple zone -> If the front of the vehicle should fall off a coffee table, the crumple zone optimally dissipates the energy and the vehicle is not severely damaged.
  8. Body on frame structure 

A good Lego set?
Many collectors, fans of Elvis or Lego fans will like to have the Cadilliac at home because it will remind many people of rock and roll and of the past. In addition, the car exudes a certain cult factor through its typical design lines. The typical design of the Cadillac Fleetwood is always recognizable and that's why I think that many people enjoy building it and / or putting it up!

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