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The Basilisk


A long time ago, there was a story told from generations to generations about a scary basilisk, whose sight turned people into stone. Half hen, half snake it is a popular beast in a slav mythology. It has a head and a torso of a hen and neck and tail of a snake. It is said that it is the king of snakes. 
In this scene, there is an extraordinary, enormous basilisk, found by a group of villagers in the wild. One of them already looked at the beast and started turning into a stone. Another one is trying to hide himself in the water, he looks so scared! There are also local hooligans, whose theft will somehow become a heroic and marvelous act. They are stealing a very expensive mirror which is going to turn the beast into a stone. The beast will be beaten by its own weapon, its evil look.
This set has a very high collection value. While creating the set I came up with many original and pioneer techniques, which will make building experience much more fun. It contains a bunch of unique minifigures with their own designer prints. It also includes an extraordinary brick, which has got an exclusive piece with slav runes. It is written “Beware of the basilisk”. This scenery will look brilliant on every shelf of a LEGO fan, as well as a person who starts their journey with the LEGO
My inspiration to do this kind of creation was slav mythology and a polish fairytale about the basilisk. Originally, the basilisk was much smaller and the whole tale happened in one of Warsaw's tenements. I transformed it and made the beast bigger, so I can focus more on details and the character of this creature. I also wanted to put in the minifigures, which tells a lot of story. All these reasons resulted in the final set.

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