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Butterfly Landscape


Immerse yourself in the fabulous land of butterflys with this lego ideas project !

Do you like LEGO? Do you love butterflys? So you will certainly love LEGO Butterfly project. This is my lego project : The Butterfly project!

Get close to nature with these four buterflys and the two bases ! As you can see there is two butterflys per basis : the first base contains the Papilio ulysses butterfly and the Philaethria dido, the second contains the Inachis io and the Danaus plexippus. 


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About numbers :

Number of pieces :

- TOTAL : 1138 pieces

- Base 1 (whitout butterflys) : 284 pieces

- Base 2 (whitout butterflys) : 602 pieces

- Philaethria dido : 56 pieces

- Papilio ulysses : 72 pieces

- Danaus plexippus : 62 pieces

- Inachis io : 62 pieces

- Project title " Lego Butterfly Collection "

My message :

Which of my lego butterflys do you like ? I like all of these butterflys but I have a preference for the Inachis Io butterfly as I like the red ! I really hope you like my project too and support it to help me to reach 10K : you can also help me to reach out new supporters by promoting my project (like social medias, newspapers, websites, ...) ! Please note in the section comments which butterfly you prefer! 

I think this project will subjugate a large category of people as everybody like butterflys; by the way this set would allow a big market as these butterflys come from all over the contries (Europe, America, Australia)...

This project is proud to support :

- Willy wonka < Willy wonka  and the chocolate factory > (movie 2005 - musical adventure by Tim Burton from the book of Roal Dahl) with the car and the gate >> here

Thank you !

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