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Alaska Railroad Passenger Train


The Alaska Railroad is a Class 2 railroad that runs in the central and southern parts of Alaska. The railroad runs approximately 500 miles of track from Anchorage, Alaska to either Sewerd, Alaska or Wittier, Alaska. They operate many different freight and passenger trains. 

This train in Lego contains about 1600 parts, one locomotive, two passenger cars, and a Non-Powered Control Unit. The only locomotive is an SD70MAC numbered 4327. It has six axles. And, it has enough room in the cab for a minifigure to dive the train. There are two passenger cars on the train. They have enough room to comfortably seat 10 passengers at a time. On the very end, or the front, of the train is a Non-Powered Control Unit. This is a former F40PH locomotive that had it’s engine and traction motors removed and a head-end power generator installed. Head-end power is what provides heating and lighting to the passenger cars. The reason why using a former locomotive is because it has a cab on the other end. This is helpful because turning the entire train around is sometimes not an option. So, the locomotive just pushed the train. This makes a good Lego set because it includes a full train that can be great for both display, and play.

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