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Refuge on Black Mountain

I'm back with another medieval build. I hope that you enjoy "Refuge On Black Mountain".

The Refuge On Black Mountain has served the kingdom of Hambervand through many wars as a resting place and as a resistance to many a foe.
—The lord Quiry of Hambervand

This build is probably one of my favorites. It was fun making the Autumn colored trees and spreading the leaves on the ground. Instead of making the castle with just stone, I decided to make the roof and windows out of wood. I think that it added nice color to the scene. The door is just for display as it does not open or close.
Much like the walls in my siege tower set, I put half cylindrical pieces on the main face of the wall. Also, like my sailors' discovery set, I thought it would be cool to put black stone throughout the model, hence the name, Black Mountain.

Well, I think that pretty much wraps it up! Thanks for reading and supporting!😊

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