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New York Park


This set five parts with this set, the first part comes with a long fence, gators, water, fish box with cover, fish, seats, a self service ticket agent with computer, scanner, credit/giftcard reader, camera, receipt printer, and time clock for the next show, two speakers, lunch boxes and first aid kits,the second part is  a first aid building with a sign and three employees, three injection syringes for shots, a computer and printer with a place to the three injection syringes, three mailboxes, three trash cans, a sink, a security office with security officer with walkie talkie, inside the building you have a telephone, walkie talkie holder, two strecthers, the third part of the set is a sovenier shop with teddy bears and computers with credit/gift card readers, two gift shop employees, and wlakie talkies, and a telephone. There is a employee with a ticket scanner, and walkie talkies, a park information personal, a trainer, and a photographer with camera. I built this set today because it is a tourist destination and Lego does not make any tourist destinations. This set is easy to make and i hope you will vote for this. Also feel free to share with your friends and tell them to vote for this fun and exciting set. Thanks and have a great day! P.S. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to put them on the comment page of the ideas and i will answer them or take them into consideration.Thanks again!


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