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Minifigure Display Cabinet


Dear fellow Lego Ideas members I am pleased to present the Minifigure Display Cabinet. Finally, a build to display your precious Minifigures! All Lego fans two passions, building and collecting minifigures, come together here. A timeless classic wooden display cabinet and drawer which displays 18+ minifigures clearly and provides storage for treasured accessories and parts. Best part about this display cabinet, it is built by you!


1463 pieces

14 1/2 inches tall or 38 1/3 bricks tall

8 1/8 inches from side to side or 26 bricks wide

The Bottom Portion with Drawer-

3 3/4” x 4 1/8” x 8 1/8”

10 2/3 x 12 x 26 bricks

Drawer is 3x6x12 bricks in dimension and can easily hold additional pieces, parts, and other special keepsakes.

The Glass Display-

2 1/4” x 10 1/2” x 8 1/8”

7 x 27 2/3 x 26 bricks

Holds 18 minifigures comfortably with the top row easily able to accommodate molded accessories and parts taller than standard size. You can double capacity to 36 by off-setting a row either in the front of or behind the preset 18 minifigures. With the large interior you can keep all the parts and pieces that accommodate your minifigures due to the ample space. Full 360 degree viewing through large clear 1x6x5 window panels on all sides.

Display case is accessed through the back via two easy to open handles. A simple but effective clipping mechanism attaches the doors in place securely. The drawer also has a built in stopping mechanism which will not allow it to be pulled out completely. Many details can be found throughout the build including intricate and ornate gold work and skillful woodworking utilizing various rare species of Lego farm sustained timber. The color scheme is a classic one that will look great in any home and alongside your collection and favorite Lego builds. I feel this build is not just challenging and fun, but even more rewarding in the sense that you are building your own display to proudly hold your favorite minifigures. Easily customize by modifying colors or by adding your own creative and personal touches. Additionaly, this is a unique product since it is a functioning piece of furniture too. 

If you feel this is a worthwhile project and something you could see yourself enjoying than please support and spread the word. Thanks for taking the time to look and learn more about this project, I appreciate you and your time!

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