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Truck Dealership


Let the industries of your city thrive with trucks sold from Lecamion Trucks. The dearlership is located on a quiet road, and has a strong fence to protect thier wares.

This dealership contains 4 trucks, each customized for a seperate job, with a flatbed, a tanker, a dumper, and a trade pack. The trucks come in different colours, and a ute (pick up) is also included. The base model of the trucks and the ute are of my own design. An additional truck chassis is on display, the builder can design thier own back to go on it.

A two room office allows the manager to work in peace while the salesman talks to the customers. The waiting area has a water cooler, two bench seats and a selection of newspapers to read from. 

Three minifigures are included in the project, a coustomer, the salesman, and the manager.

The brickcount for this project is currently at 1693, but it is likely to change by around 100 as the project is updated.



Note: the Images were uploaded in order, but might not apear in order on your browser. The reason behind this is unknown, and i will look into this for my next project.

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