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The Captain's Candle


Arggg Matey...Introducing The Captain's Candle - A lego pirate bedside light!

I love functional and decorative sets, and have always wanted Lego to produce a set that has a decorative purpose and functional value. Using the technic power functions components allowed me to accomplish just that! This set was built with 352 pieces including the battery box and two separate lighting components from technic power functions 8293. It stands 9.5 inches tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the flame. 

The base contains the battery box with easy access to the switch in the back and a pirate scene shown in the front. The platform that the candle sits on lifts from the base to allow easy access to the battery box. The scene in the front of the base features the inside of the captain's cabin where a fearsome pirate captain is reviewing maps alongside his trusted first mate. They always need to find the best spots to bury their Pirate treasure! One set of the technic lights is used within the base itself - they are positioned behind the hanging lanterns and make them appear to be lit. The scene in the base also includes the captain's desk, two maps, a small table, a barrel with a fish in it, two bottles, and a cup. 

The candle itself is hollow inside allowing for the second set of lights to be positioned at the top giving the candle's flame a real glow. A lego damper is also set on the base for decorative purpose.

As these are small LED lights they definitely don't light up a room, but the candle and base together are bright enough to be used as a small source of light by your bedside. 

Two minifigures are included, the Pirate Captain and his First Mate. 

Thanks for checking it out!

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