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Medieval inn

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My design of building the Inn in halves was based off of the medieval market village houses and I intended this building to complement that set. Unfortunately the 2x2 turntable pieces cannot be edited in LDD so I couldn't get the desired look with the grey turn table still on the black base. There is a staircase leading to the rooms upstairs that is blocked by a trapdoor. There are 3 beds upstairs and a fireplace w/chimney. There's a common room/lobby downstairs with a front desk, a large table and a small table, and a shelf for the keys and glasses. If this gets enough supporters I will build it, and add minifigures, animals, etc.. Please leave comments and help support!

I may have gone a little overboard on the ornate looking windows but I think it adds some good variety to the walls.

I really liked how the sloped roof in the back turned out.

You can see the trapdoor leading upstairs in this picture as well as all three beds and the fireplace.

Good shot of the door leading to the innkeepers front desk. You can also see how I tried to make it look as if rafters were potruding out of the wall on the rear side of the inn.

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