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Police Impound Yard


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Hello everyone, this is Treetop 2017! I am excited to tell you about my new idea for a set called police impound yard. This is where Lego People can get there cars out of impound when they pay the police for the police ticket!

This idea of mine comes with a  police impound building with pieces on the inside and on the outside as well as  a blue police tow truck with police men and blue lights on it,  that is   I will explain them to you piece by piece and brick by brick.  First you start out with three pieces of tar road with straight white lines . Second you start with the plain medium size black piece of tar, the third piece of this idea of mine is the three pieces of square plain dark brown dirt.

Here is a list of the small parts of the idea of mine that are outside the building, yellow gate, black cap, yellow gate opener, two pieces of fence, a red sign holder with red stop sign,  a white sign holder with a do not enter sign, a red help button, light post and lamp shade, mail box stand, mailbox that opens up, mail,  light brown police ticket, checkbook, credit card, 4 green 100 dollar bills.

On the inside of the police impound building you have a  white desk with black countertop, ticket look up computer, a blue cupboard with two blue cash draws, a blue that opens clamp and a computer, a white keyboard, a credit/check reading machine, money safe, red seat, police person, a blue clamp, a tv monitor, a vedio survellance system that opens, a green box , a employee's door that has a gray door frame on the side of the building and another small white desk to put used police tickets into. 

On the outside of the police impound building you have a black security camera , a gray security camera over the employee's door, a big black video surveillance  camera facing the gated fence this is where the cars will be kept until the owners have paid the fine, and of course you have the gated fence.

Now i will tell you about the police tow truck that comes with this idea of mine. Inside you have a small seat, and a driving wheel, on the outside you a police plate on the front, a yellow and black caution strip on the back as well as a number plate, you also have a red crow bar on the left side, and a black hammer on the right side of the police tow truck. I did not put any other vechiles or people in this idea of mine because i know if it gets made into a set then you would have fun playing with it if i don't add any extras.

It was raining hard yesterday and i had nothing else to do but think what might get the most votes and possibly get made into a set one day! This idea of mine is suitable for everyone and for all ages, it was easy to build!

If this idea of mine gets made then this set would be great for the first time beginner or for anyone who likes to play with Lego's.

Thanks for your time, your builder and lego fan Treetop2017!


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