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The Supercar


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Welcome to your dream LEGO supercar! It has all the features you would find in a real car: a V8 Engine, Drive-Neutral-Reverse (D-N-R) selector, gearbox, independent suspension, detailed bodywork, and of course, a comfy interior. What could be better? This car has great playability while serving as an excellent display model for everyone. Hop right in the driver’s seat and take over the roads!

A Brief Backstory:

I always thought beyond the instruction manual since I was four years old. For every LEGO set I received, I cared more about the mechanical functionality of these seemingly simplistic toys. These toys sparked my inner creativity, and I was inspired to create my toys (especially cars) with spare pieces rather than stopping at the last page of the manual.

When I was 12 years old, I decided to take my car creations to the next level: not just capturing the external beauties but also including the essential mechanical components. 

Although I started this challenge in November 2018, the real progress started from the beginning of quarantine in April 2020. Instead of completing it in a few months as I initially anticipated, I spent hundreds of hours with multiple revisions (and sometimes completely rebuilding without compromising), taking the project time to over two years!  

As a 16-year-old today, I present my masterpiece to everyone: the LEGO supercar! I am thrilled about the final product, as the two years of effort brought it to perfection. Get ready to press the accelerator!

An Overview of the Structure of the Car

Before you start driving, please keep in mind how it works!

V8 Engine:
The pistons in the engine jump up and down whenever the car moves. The speed of pistons’ movement depends on the D-N-R Selector and Gearbox. 

Drive-Neutral-Reverse (D-N-R) Selector: 
The joystick located between the two seats resembles the D-N-R selector. This selector can be tilted in different directions: 

  • Forward - Drive position 
  • Backward - Reverse position
  • Middle - Neutral position

When selected in the Drive position, the engine will only run when the car is pushed forwards, and vice versa for the Reverse position. The engine will not run in the Neutral position.

3-Speed Gearbox:
The gearbox is the masterpiece of this car. This mechanism is only activated when the D-N-R selector is in Drive Position. The engine runs the fastest in first gear and slowest in the third gear (assuming the car moves at the same rate).

By turning the gear shifter, the car shifts from one gear to another:

  • Clockwise - Shift up
  • Counter-clockwise - Shift down

Other Functions:
  • All-wheel independent suspension 
  • Steering wheel that can steer the front two wheels
  • Rear Wing / Spoiler is operated by a rotatable gear

  • Beautiful and modular body - Technic panels to simulate curved aesthetics of a car
  • Luxurious interior - Contains two comfy seats and controls for the functions 
  • A foldable ceiling provides easy access to the interior and controls
  • A frunk to see the fascinating features in the front

This car measures 18.25 inches (46.3 cm) long, 9 inches (22.9 cm) wide, and 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) high.

That was a great driver’s test, right?

Now the real question: Why should you support it?

It is a fun way to ride a car! Since we usually do not tend to think about how each car is perfectly designed, this model serves to educate curious children and adults and makes them admire the functions of a car. Additionally, the building process is modular, thus, I am confident that you will have an enjoyable building experience as it is similar to that of a manufacturing process.

All in all, this car is realistic, fascinating, fun to build, and makes driving enjoyable! 

For this product to get one step closer to reality, it needs 10,000 supporters. If you appreciate my masterpiece, please click the “SUPPORT” button and spread the word!

Are you a car lover like me? You might find the following facts intriguing:

  • The first supercars emerged in the 1950s
  • The fastest supercar (Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+) has a top speed of over 300 mph (483 kph)
  • Lamborghini started as a tractor company in the 1940s
  • The Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracán are twins in disguise; they are made out of the same chassis despite their different looks

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