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Tipper Truck


Hi everyone this is my idea for a Lego Tipper Truck.

Me and my wife were looking after our nephew (who is 5 years old) a couple of weeks ago and when he saw my collection of Lego bits (ranging from the 80's to the present day) he was very excited and asked me to make him a Lego truck with a tipping back piece. Well as you all know a Lego project cannot be rushed, so I told him good things come to those who wait!!

As you can see from the pictures I already had two green dump buckets so I thought to save any arguing I would make one for both my niece and nephew. I wanted to make the trucks identical but I couldn't fully do this as I didn't want to buy any bits so I just used what I had, hence, the fact that some of the bricks are discoloured and some nice and bright.

The truck is fully functional with opening doors, the back dump bucket can be raised up and kept in position. On the lorry bed under the dump bucket there is a spare wheel with a jack that can be used to raise the lorry for changing the wheel and also a spade and a broom for the mini figures to use. These are all removable. Being an English-man I have made the truck right hand drive with steering wheel and gear leaver. In the cabin I have put two workmen, one holding a coffee cup, the other is driving.

I think I have used about 150 - 200 bricks to create the model. 

I know its not anything original but I had fun designing and making it and my niece and nephew love playing with them. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.  

Just want to say thanks to my wife for letting me and my Lego take over the living room for a few nights whilst designing and making my Tipper Truck.

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